TEDxSarasota 10.06.14

Our theme is Insights Ignited.  From time to time in every mind, the friction of ideas creates a small spark.  This year, we seek to honor and highlight those who have nurtured and fueled their sparks, feeding them with curiosity, courage…and conviction.

Some of these sparks light fuses, ideas that burned slowly until just the right moment and then explode into game-changing products and perspectives.  Some have kindled torches, lightbulbs, even spotlights; illuminating the lessons of the past, showing the pathway forward.  All have lent the warmth and energy needed to breakthrough in every realm, including science, philosophy, entrepreneurship, and art.

This year, we invite you to gather with us around the fire of Insights Ignited.  In this light, we will turn the page and begin our next chapter as a community, a region, and a world.


TEDxSarasota highlights ideas, individuals, performances and stories that are locally relevant and globally scalable. Speakers at the forefront of multiple fields such as technology, neuroscience, biology, finance athletics, arts and energy will offer bold, unique insights into emerging research and innovations that may fundamentally shape the course of things to come will be showcased.

TEDxSarasota’s mission seeks to connect and collaborate with organizations, individuals, educators, companies, A-list speakers, community leaders and thinkers whose visions support building strong, smart, understanding communities through education, social interaction, innovation, new ideas and a spark of entertainment. We welcome your input and participation.


TEDxSarasota is an independently organized TED event held in the Sarasota and Manatee Counties of Florida.