The Speakers – Harmonious Havoc – 2013

Our theme is Harmonious Havoc. We’re interested in exploring with those who have broken from the chaos to find solutions, who find joy in the incongruous melody of contrast. We will celebrate the renegades who weave beauty where it may not have previously existed, who delight in the possible on the other side of the previously impossible.

These are the speakers we've confirmed for 10.16.13:

Troy Plota is a professional photographer who is very interested in the future of photography. We all know that nothing stays the same, and this industry is no different. In these times of chaos, Troy sees exciting possibilities.

Christopher Eisenberg has a love and passion for music that has been the driving force of all he does since the age of 5. He has appeared on NBC's America's Got Talent, and is the CEO of Iron Mountain Entertainment. 

Dan Duffy is a husband, father, video producer, philanthropist, and a cancer survivor. He shows us that while tragedy strikes everyone at some point in their lives, it is within our power to turn it into a potentially life-altering triumph.

Andy Pierce is an accidental philanthropist and the Director of Project41, an effort that assists poor farmers in Africa. His project is having a profound effect on the lives of the families he touches.

Karen Smithman has come out of the cubicle rat maze having survived 30+ years in the IT industry. She will share her thoughts on the lighter side of life from her unique perspective.

Jeff Hazelton is an artist turned “Artepreneur” who co-founded Lucid Global, an immersive technologies company using the power of visual effects and video game technology to positively impact the healthcare industry worldwide. Photo by Everett Dennison.

Emily Sperling is the president of ShelterBox USA, Inc. Since 2000, the organization has responded to more than 200 disasters in 90 countries immediately following earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, cyclones, tsunamis and conflict.

Gale Fulton Ross is an internationally known artist who has broken free of traditional expectations. Expressing through multiple mediums she has woven her own tapestry for success. She shares her creative spark while blending head and heart.

Crystal Kadakia is a training manager, engineer, and rising thought leader dedicated to providing practical insight on Generation Y. She owns Career Indulgence, creating Gen Y-related strategies that span post-high school planning for teens to management strategies for organizations. 

Dr. Sheri Y. Phillips, or more commonly known as simply, Dr. Sheri, has more than 20 years of experience as a Board-Certified occupational medicine physician. She has a remarkable story that has inspired tens of thousands of people across the country. Life is truly full of surprises.

Blake Fuller, championship race car driver. As the youngest CEO in the Lithium Ion battery industry he founded Braille Battery, suppliers to the race car industry and GO PUCK, a pocket sized mobile power supply.

Shelby King represents the new breed of farmers. She is an avid advocate, loving mom, and entrepreneur. Encouraging local movements that effect global change are part of her everyday world. Connecting food, family and the future, her message pertains to us all.

Jim Ridge is a Technologist who enjoys crossing boundaries. He revels in problem solving sessions and ideation using visual mapping and other illustrative techniques. A 6 Sigma Green Belt, and Lean Manufacturing specialist, Jim will surprise with the story he weaves.

We excited about the line-up for this year, do hope you plan to join us.

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