TEDxSarasota 2016 Team

TEDxSarasota is made up of a group of dedicated, remarkable individuals who give their time, energy and skill to make this event come to life. As an all volunteer create event, this is essential. It is with their passion and hard work that TEDxSarasota comes alive. Without our Team and Partners, this would not be possible. The appreciation we have for each is immeasurable.

If you’re interested in assisting,  please email info.TEDxSarasota@gmail.com with subject line: Ready to Join the Team!


The Team 2015/16

Judy (J.) Winslow
Mona Baker
Dalene Meardon
Christine Meeker Lange
Debi Frock
Pamela Olin
Pam Morrow
Glenn Scharf
Karen Rudolph
James Poe
Elln Hagney